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Dr Sharon Chua has been in the industry for over 20 years, she enjoys restoring smiles but now realise how important is it to balance the whole face and outward appearance, looking at correction of facial asymmetry and working together with patients along the aging process. She became interested in the usage of botox in the management of headaches related to our TMJ joint process which then lead her into the other cosmetic benefits of botox and dermafillers. 


We deserve to feel great and at Smiles@Aldgate we offer natural to advance non - surgical facial rejuvenation. Dr Sharon is trained under AADFA which the international educational body is recognised by the Dental Board of Australia. With over 20 years of experience Dr Sharon has decided to dedicate her days off from dentistry, including Saturdays, to see patients for facial rejuvenation. 


Smiles@Aldgate is excited to help clients achieve a natural enhancement with facial treatments including microhydrabrasion, collagen and stem cell induction micro-needling to improve skin tone, fine wrinkles and acne scarring. 

Come in for a thorough facial assessment with Dr Sharon Chua for a tailored plan.  

Smiles @ Aldgate

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