Nominate your team and win free mouthguards for your team

Smiles @ Aldgate is offering to sponsor one sports team with laminated sports mouthguards.  When playing contact sports a well fitting mouthguard is crucial to protect your jaw, teeth, lips, cheek and tongue. 


At Smiles @ Aldgate we recommend laminated sports mouthguards as they are extremely effective in preventing facial and dental injury from occurring.  They are custom fitted; thereby providing the greatest level of comfort and protection.  In launching our player sponsorship program for the 2016 season, we are offering one team a full sponsorship and reduced price of $99 for all other clubs.  Our friendly staff will arrange a time to come out to your club to take impressions, the mouthguards can either be picked up from our clinic or picked up from your club.  All adjustments will need to be booked in at our clinic free of charge.  The winning club will be drawn at the end of February.  Please provide contact details of your team when putting in your nomination.  Only available in white, blue, red, green, black and pink.



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